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Case Study: Spruce Media

Client Situation —

  • Expand Brand Perception. More than just another ad-tech vendor, messaging needed to communicate Spruce Media’s entire suite of Facebook marketing solutions, services and capabilities.
  • Support Messaging with Data. Facebook ads come in nearly every shape and size, making comparisons difficult. The team needed to discover the metrics that would clearly show Spruce’s superiority – ones understood by media and prospects alike.
  • Break Through the Clutter. Spruce needed to stand out in a meaningful way, differentiated in its ability to think beyond the industry and deliver solutions for marketers across the Facebook universe that now includes mobile.

Strategy —

  • Secured Regular Coverage. The WISE PR team flooded key publications with fresh, valuable content – including exclusives on unannounced products and case studies— to keep Spruce top of mind.
  • Uncovered Winning Metrics. Exhaustive analysis identified the data that best captured the effectiveness of Spruce Media’s solutions. These metrics then formed the basis for an extensive media push that highlighted Spruce Media’s unique insights across the Facebook advertising ecosystem.
  • Expanded Thought-Leadership. The team positioned the Spruce Media executive team – CEO Rob Jewell and COO Lucy Jacobs – as go-to experts in Facebook advertising through numerous bylines and contributed content.

Results —

WISE PR’s strategic communications successfully pushed Spruce Media to the front of the industry, driving awareness amongst influencers and prospects around effective Facebook advertising leveraging Paid, Owned and Earned Media.

Highlights —

  • Featured media coverage in top-tier publications, including Bloomberg Television, Forbes, CNBC, Business Insider, Adweek, MediaPost, ReadWrite, InsideFacebook, AdExchanger, AllFacebook, MediaPost and Digiday, among others.
  • Prime speaking opportunities, including sessions at AllFacebook, OMMA Social,
    ad:tech, iMedia and OMMA Global.
  • A regular contributor and thought leader within industry publications, including MediaPost, iMedia, Digiday and Adotas


Case Study: Spindle

Client Situation —

  • Launch an entirely new service that is redefining the future of search and makes valuable social content more discoverable.
  • Drive awareness of the platform and highlight the key differentiators between this service compared to other existing social local discovery services.
  • Build equity and thought leadership in company founders among key targeted verticals
  • Ensuring reporters are clear on the benefits of Spindle as compared with other discovery-related apps on the market.
  • Promoting trial of the Spindle app among the media, who in turn, would inform potential users about the functionality, benefits and value behind the social-discovery platform.

Strategy —

  • Created a multi-tiered Launch Plan which included a soft launch among exclusive media; a product launch with top tier national press and post launch media outreach to extend messages and drive further press coverage nationwide.
  • Formulated a pre-launch media strategy that targeted three, top influential media outlets and offered exclusive coverage of Spindle prior to national roll-out. Outlets included one national newspaper, one weekly national news magazine and one leading morning news program to create a buzz storm 0r as we like to call it – “Rolling Thunder”.
  • Worked extensively with Spindle leadership and spokespersons to media train and articulate compelling messaging about the product benefits, features and this new category.
  • Establish Founder/CEO Pat Kinsel as young, savvy, successful business visionary


Within a span of two weeks, Spindle announced a $2.3M funding and the launch of its service in New York and received more than 25 media placements including some high authority outlets like All Things D, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Pando, VentureBeat, Fortune, Social Times, and many more. In addition, the PR program also:

  • Established Spindle as a formidable and noteworthy startup within Boston with placements from media outlets like the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal, New England Tech Wire, BostInno, Mass High Tech, and a live TV interview on New England Cable News.
  • Secured Q&As and profile interviews for Spindle founder and CEO Pat Kinsel.
  • Secured extensive media coverage in TechCrunch, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, Business Insider, ReadWrite, New England Cable News, Betakit, and AllThingsD, among many others.
  • Established credibility for the Spindle product and set the stage for future coverage around new features and updates to the app.
  • Drove downloads for Spindle app solely from the publicity generated by the launch media relations efforts.


Case Study: Control Group

Background —

Control Group, a 10-year old New York City-based innovation strategy, technology and design firm, has been working with clients to implement long-term vision technological solutions but was lacking significant mindshare within the marketplace.

Objectives —

  • Position Control Group as an industry leader in developing innovative and breakthrough technologies that will disrupt the current paradigm.
  • Raise the brand equity and thought leadership among Control Group stakeholders.
  • Extend Control Group’s brand recognition to attract strategic channel partnerships and drive new revenue opportunities.

Strategies —

  • Strategic amplification for 3 key Control Group initiatives: Reinvent NYC Payphone Contest Submission; Kate Spade Saturday iPad signage deployment; NYC Subway Digital Kiosks.
  • Secure media exclusive for all 3 initiatives with Fast Company given the outlet’s focus and target audience reach in line with Control Group’s mission.
  • Content creation in the form of short videos, digital images, blog posts, a retail whitepaper in advance of announcing the Kate Spade Saturday project.

Business Building Results —

  • Control Group saw a 144% increase in traffic to its website during the months of February and March 2013, compared to the previous two months December 2012 and January 2013.
  • Control Group saw its referral traffic increase 14.7% for the period February/March 2013 compared to December 2012/January 2013.
  • Control Group had 200 news/blog mentions in Q1 2013, compared with 25 during entire 2H of 2012.
  • Inbound new business inquiries to Control Group saw a significant uptick.


Company Launch: Kiip

Launches are the mainstay of WISE PR's business and what we do best.

Unlike traditional PR firms, we work on all aspects of launch strategies, from messaging and corporate identity to press tours to new media initiatives.

Client Situation

Kiip ( needed to move beyond a stealth-mode start up into a legitimate contender in the highly competitive mobile gaming and advertising space. The company planned to revolutionize in-game advertising by introducing a new model, which offers users value instead of waging an uphill battle for their attention, based on an almost diabolically simple premise—real rewards for virtual achievements.


WISE PR introduced Kiip to the general public through ongoing and extensive media relations, securing more than 100 highly targeted media placements in some of the industry's most visible media outlets. A wave of feature articles established the then19-year old founder and CEO Brian Wong as a young, savvy and successful business prodigy.

We also set out to develop and leverage key advertising, mobile and business industry events in order to introduce and drive interest in the Kiip platform among target business audiences. Our team arranged Q&As, profile interviews, and high-profile speaking opportunities and participation for Brian Wong at industry trade shows and conferences such as Ad Age's Creativity & Technology Conference, ad:tech, OnMobile 2011, MobileBeat and Gamification Summit, among many others, presenting him as a formidable "player" in the mobile gaming and advertising industry.


Our PR strategy for Kiip culminated in a perfectly timed launch and media effort highlighting relevant news, key differentiators and messaging. Our media outreach generated substantial national and international media coverage and viral interest in the company and its founder, all hitting on a rolling basis, something we like to call Rolling Thunder. We achieved coverage across all targeted press with articles appearing in more than 100 publications and broadcast outlets upon launch. Coverage highlights included feature stories in Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, Time Magazine, Advertising Age, Adweek, MediaPost, Bloomberg TV, Vancouver Sun, Business Insider, Creativity, and BNN, among many others.

As a result Kiip was elevated to the forefront of the interactive and mobile game advertising space. These efforts helped to drive a successful company launch and client wins, while securing and maintaining a leadership position for Kiip in a fiercely competitive industry.


Case Study: 321 Worldwide

PR Case Study: From Relative Unknown to Recognized Expert

Client Situation

On behalf of this under-the-radar veteran of the branding industry, WISE PR created an ingenious,high-impact promotional tool that successfully captured the attention of the media and potential customers both in the U.S. and in the U.K. Based on WISE PR’s communications strategy a weekly ‘Best & Worst Brands” list was developed to communicate how the World’s top brands were perceived and whether or not they were doing a good job of creating customer loyalty as well as looking at how media consumption habits influenced their opinions about current events and their own lives. This was coupled with a proactive media relation’s strategy designed to highlight the agencies client work and case studies. The resulting news stories were chock full of fun insights and sometimes surprising findings. 321 and WISE PR took the pulse of the “brands” that were having an impact on society – both positively and negatively - using a good strong dose of humor. In the process, 321 Worldwide founder and creative director, Alona Elkayam, established herself as a creative industry leader and taste-maker and watched recognition and revenues increase.


We believe that stars are not made in business by relying solely on press coverage in the trades. Articles about branding/advertising agencies placed in the ad books, for instance, become less poignant because the competitive clutter dilutes them. But, when potential customers repeatedly read about that same agency in a general business magazines and then on the sports pages and hear about it on their favorite radio show, they begin to recognize the name. The ad agency gives the impression that it has transcended the trade media and permeated into the everyday lives of consumers. These are the companies that make it onto the short lists of potential clients. Our global publicity program for 321 Worldwide was based on the philosophy that the only way to achieve strong brand recognition is by creatively moving the client out of their own media category and into the popular news media outlets.

Program Goals

  • Raise visibility for and brand the relatively new 321 Worldwide Brand/Advertising agency
  • Position Alona Elkayam as a major player and leader in the branding and advertising industry
  • Stimulate market interest in 321 Worldwide, resulting in a greater pool of new business leads

To do this, the following strategies were employed:

  • Develop a new marketing/advertising theory and support it through original research and thought leadership
  • Publish a series of weekly “Best and Worst Brands” columns that piggyback onto topical issues and showcase the 321 philosophy
  • Generate high-profile articles in key branding, advertising and relevant consumer media to demonstrate that 321 is an industry expert

321 Worldwide’s target audiences were:

  • Business owners and executives
  • Advertising industry
  • Consumer-oriented media, business publications and advertising trades (as conduits to above audiences)


Making Headlines. 321 Worldwide’s “Best and Worst Brands” juxtapositions as well as our communications around the agencies notable client work was a sure winner with the press. Manyhigh-profile placements in key media outlets were generated, including Adweek, Brandweek, BusinessWeek, Crain’s New York, New York Times, Fox News, ClickZ, MediaPost and Advertising Age, to name a few in the U.S. and with Revolution, Brand Strategy, Marketing Week, New Media Age and Creative Review, among many others in the U.K.

A coup for 321, the campaign securely positioned the branding agency as an innovative branding and advertising industry leader. 321 Worldwide is now a frequent authority on key industry trends and issues and has been recognized with several industry awards and honors. Alona Elkayam, the agency's founder and creative director is often quoted by both the consumer and advertising media about her theories and insightful opinions.

The publicity generated in the U.S. and the U.K. by the PR campaign coupled with the agency's new global business approach has translated into tangible bottom line benefits for 321 Worldwide.