Client Situation

  1. Drive awareness of Publisher-focused video technology platform and highlight the key differentiators between this service compared to other players in the online video advertising ecosystem.

  2. Build equity and thought leadership in company founders among key targeted verticals as well as within the broader business community

  3. Ensure reporters are clear on LiveRail’s unique value proposition as a Publisher-focused (Sell-Side) platform compared with other online video advertising technology companies in the market.

  4. Extend LiveRail’s brand recognition to attract strategic channel partnerships and drive new revenue opportunities.


  1. Created a multi-tiered communications plan that reframed the key challenges publishers on the sell-side face in monetizing online video.
  2. Formulated a media strategy that showcased LiveRail’s success in tackling and resolving those challenges.
  3. Worked extensively with LiveRail leadership and spokespersons to media train and articulate compelling messaging about the benefits, features and this new category.
  4. Establish Founder/CEO Mark Trefgarne as young, savvy, successful business visionary
  5. Position CEO and excutives as the go-to source on online video and multi-platform news and trends. 


LiveRail executives became sought-after experts by the media, and then by clients, as interest in online video and multi-platform content delivery increased. Given its modest size and budget, LiveRail has had an outsized influence in shaping thinking around online video:

  1. Established LiveRail as a formidable and noteworthy company within the online video advertising value chain.
  2. Secured Q&As and profile interviews for LiveRail founder and CEO Mark Trefgarne.
  3. Secured extensive media coverage in AdExchanger, Bloomberg Television, The Makegood, Mediapost, Business Insider, and Huffington Post, among many others.
  4. Established credibility for LiveRail and set the stage for future coverage around new features and updates to the platform.