We Are Wise

Wise Public Relations is made up of a collection of veteran communications & marketing professionals driven by a competitive spirit to help client organizations solve very real business problems.

Our mission is to help clients build their brands and ultimately leave them better off than we found them and closer to where they aspire to be. 

This draws from an affinity for the underdog. And, we love it when the underdog wins by outsmarting and outmaneuvering the competition rather than outspending them. That's our specialty. And we do it through a variety of disciplines, all working together to create real momentum that give our clients a critical competitive advantage in the marketplace - something we like to call "Rolling Thunder™". 

Our Values 

When you combine an insatiable curiosity about the world with a competitive & determined spirit, you end up here.

This is our profession because it’s our passion. That goes for every person who joins our team. For all of us, it’s the fulfillment we get from helping client organizations grow and achieve their aspirations. Companies, industries, markets, cultures, networks, knowledge, profits, the list goes on. We take great pride in the work we do and accountability for the opinions we shape. We have fun doing it. And we hope it shows.