Mashable has compiled a highly informative infographic depicting some key statistics surrounding average behaviors across each of the social media networks: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and location-based services like Foursquare, as well as some metrics behind some of the more successful and lauded social media-driven campaigns to date. While the infographic tells the full story, take particular note of the following points:

  • Twitter: Coca-Cola’s Promoted Tween in June 2010 achieved 86.5 Million impressions
  • YouTube: Old Spice’s ‘Mano a Mano En El Baño’ received 22 Million views in a single week
  • Facebook: 750 Million total Facebook users, with an average of 4Billion ‘things’ shared daily. Additionally, 52% of those users use the site daily
  • Facebook: During the first half of 2011, Facebook raised the price of their ads by 70%
  • Location: 500,00 merchants on Foursquare
  • Location: As a result of McDonald’s single-day campaign randomly awarding $5 and $10 gift cards, check-ins increased by 33%
  • Campaign: Even a product as mundane as a German attachment technology (‘never drill again’) was able to generate 3,500 ‘Likes’ in 3 months, 800 wall posts and hand out 5,000 samples via Facebook.