Shout out to our clients Control Group and AdTheorent on their recent coverage in, respectively, Talking Points Memo Idealabs and AdExchanger!

Carl Franzen from Talking Points Memo recently paid a visit to Control Group HQ for a tour of the office, checking out various projects and speaking with Control Group CEO Campbell Hyers and VP of DevOps Dave Rocamora. 

Founded over a decade ago, Control Group was initially a much more conventional IT services company, providing its clientele with basic support like building them websites, apps and databases.

But in the course of the past two years, Control Group has undergone a radical shift and is now leading the push to arm clients with more immersive and advanced, yet subtle, technological experiences, many of which have begun to show up around the globe — from iPad kiosks for web-browsing and ordering food at airpot terminals in New York, Minneapolis and Toronto to its “smart,” chip-sensing and cheater-catching Baccarat tables at five major casinos throughout Asia, to gesture-based screens at the World Petroleum Conference in Doha, Qatar in November 2011.

David Kaplan from AdExchanger spoke with AdTheorent CEO Anthony Iacovone on the company's history, mobile RTB, Apple devices.

When it comes to mobile, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android systems are dominant. Which system is better for mobile RTB?

Our numbers show that iOS has a better conversion rate when we see a DR campaign. We see less value out of Android, but we can drive the rates down. The rates are typically lower there, so it’s equitable in some sense. Apple’s iOS really performs better. If I were looking at it from psychological perspective, I’d say iOS user appears to be somebody engaged as a primary browser.

It appears the Apple user seems to be more engaged with that device as a primary browsing device. And if you’re engaged as a primary browsing device, you’re going to engage with the advertising as you would potentially on the web.