Ken Li from Reuters recently tweeted the following:

In the world of PR, embargoes will never go away, and it's a much needed tactic in working with media to get your story out there.  However, it pains us to see that some PR folks just 'don't get it' when it comes to good media relations.  Here's the process for offering embargoes:

1. Email, or better yet, call the reporter with news that you'd like to offer without giving away the farm.

2. Ask reporter if they will honor the embargo if you send them the details.

3. If reporter says yes, which 9 times out of 10 they will, then you send embargoed materials to reporter.

4. Reporter will let you know if they want to move forward or not with covering announcement.

So remember, do not send news announcements blindly to a reporter and think that it's embargoed, you need to get agreement from the reporter or else they will go ahead and run the news.