How do you extend the lifeline of a placement? Through your social channels of course.

The belief that we share here at Wise PR is that once a placement happens, the story does not end there. There presents so many opportunities for the client to 'extend the life of the story.'  Think of the digital assets that you have at your disposal, could be, for example, setting up a Twitter Q+A or a Cover it Live online chat between a spokesperson and the community, or you can post updates on Facebook, all of which sparks the very crucial engagement, the fuel for word of mouth.

Timing of tweets and when to post updates on Facebook is and will continue to be debated upon, even with the release of surveys and studies. 

Accoridng to this post from Social Media Today:

Tweeting in the evening results in around 60% more Retweets than during the day. This corresponds to a similar result we observed for Facebook Posts. Interestingly, and unlike Facebook, overnight and early morning Tweeting performed even better still, outperforming daytime Tweets by over 100%. 

We don't necessarily agree with this notion because the reality is that mostly everyone has their Twitter desktop application open during the day, which to us suggests a greater opportunity for replying, retweeting more so than other periods of the day.

As for the best day and times for Facebook posts, we look to the 2011 Buddy Media study, that was based on 200 of its clients.  According to Buddy Media

posts of 80 characters or less receive 27% more engagement, posts on Thursdays see the most engagement across industries, and posts including a full-length URL bring in three times as much engagement as posts using URL shorteners such as 

Additionally, the Buddy Media study showed that Thursday was the best day of the week to post, and that engagement was highest at 4am, 7am, and 11pm.

What's your schedule for sending out tweets and Facebook posts?