We saw this post from PR Daily and felt it deserved a good response.

As the lines between social media and PR become more and more blurry, the one facet that trumps this paradigm is that at its core social media is indeed a function of communications. To go one step further, social media is indeed a CRM platform, one that 'PR' a few years ago did not offer as it relates to opening up the dialogue between brands and users, versus solely giving a story angle to a media outlet and leaving it to them to convey the news.

We know several excellent social media professionals who are in charge of a brand's social media channels and they are doing a fantastic job, like Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed, Brian Ries of The Daily Beast/Newsweek, and Anthony DeRosa of Reuters, and they are doing a fantastic job. 

I think for some, in a perfect world or in theory, since social media is connected to communications, an argument can be made that PR pros should manage social media. The pivot though is that some PR pros do not still understand the intracacies and best practices when it comes to social media.

At WISE PR, we do understand the best of both worlds when it comes to PR and social media, given our experience. 

What do you think? Who should manage social media?