We saw this post from PR Daily and felt that it pointed out some key misconceptions about PR and the media. We've highlighted some of the tips regarding the media, what clients usually expect from the media, and what's actually reality:

  • Never ask a reporter or producer for interview questions ahead of time
  • Know your topic and your reach - You won't always make the "Today Show' but we can finds ways on how to get there
  • Local TV helps lead to national TV - wanting national doesn't make local un-important
  • Being in the media is about building credibility via 3rd party implied endorsement
  • Don't be boring, spice it up! Being an expert isn't always enough
  • PR is not a short-term gig. We believe in the concept of "rolling thunder." Don't expect big-time results after only 1 month.
  • Your idea is great! But it's not the only one. Understand that competition is fierce.
  • Don't spend too much $$ on press releases
  • Don't kill the messenger - if you're not getting coverage, don't always blame your publicist. We live in an era of content creation and content marketing. Digital assets vital to PR success