We wanted to share a posting on Search Engine Watch that highlights ways to integrate PR and Social Media to increase mentions and brand awareness.

Media Relations:
 - By following reporters and media outlets on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites, we get in their line of sight.
 - We're able to use tools like Journalist Tweet, Technorati, and MuckRack to identify bloggers and reporters who are influential in our clients' verticals and who have an audience interested in our stories.
 -  Advanced LinkedIn Searches allow us to find influentials who are just a connection or two outside our network.

Consumer Outreach:
- Through social media, we removed the need for the ever-present middle man. Brands (and their PR departments) can talk to consumers directly without always having to go through a reporter or a blog outlet.
- Through social media searches and proactive monitoring we can identify the users who would be interested in our product or service and reach out to them. 

Use Pitachable Assets As Conversation Starters:
- Instead of looking to the brand to sell us, we look to our friends and what the web tells us for recommendations and insight. 
  - But it's also great for PR professionals who now have a steady stream of pitchable assets to tell a story, grab someone's attention or validate the argument they're making. 

More Measurement:
- Tying social into the PR equation can also offer additional analytics helping PR professionals understand overall conversation values, share of voice among competitors, how time of day impacts pitches and discussions, the placements that generate the most social conversation, and which reporters have the strongest influence over readers.