Ready Set Rocket, an award-winning digital agency, was featured in AdWeek for its first ever marketing campaign to leverage Google Glass as part of the launch campaign for Kenneth Cole’s new Mankind fragrance. In the article, reporter Garett Sloane explores the app Ready Set Rocket created for Google Glass and the campaign:

Kenneth Cole recently became the first advertiser to incorporate a Google Glass app into its marketing—just one of the new ways the Internet specs are used to sell products. “Even though the technology is still in the pilot program, we want to be looked at as an innovator and early adopter,” said Lauren Nutt Bello, partner at Ready Set Rocket, a firm working for Kenneth Cole.

So the agency built an app for Google Glass to go along with the launch of a new cologne. The theme of the campaign is gentlemanly behavior and encourages chivalry. The app prompts users to photograph themselves accomplishing a good deed a day for 21 days.

The effort could do some good for Google Glass’ image as well, since the new technology already faces a growing backlash. “One of the criticisms leveled at wearable tech is that it makes people more insular and more wrapped up in their devices rather than interacting with the world about them,” said Gareth Price, technical director at Ready Set Rocket.