We’re getting some excellent traction with client Shelley Hunter, the Gift Card Girlfriend at GiftCards.com, for Shelley’s “Chapter 11 Gift Card Watchlist,” which brings awareness to the various retailers who have filed for Chapter 11 and what consumers can do should they have gift cards from these businesses. Here’s Shelley’s interview with Chicago’s NBC TV station WMAQ.

Which is where the “Gift Card Girlfriend” comes in. Blogger Shelley Hunter says the recent Radio Shack bankruptcy put her over the edge, and her “Gift Card Watch List” was born. “The idea to create the graveyard and the watch list is for me to have a way to say, 'Look, these are some things that have happened with gift cards, these are the gift cards currently in jeopardy of going defunct, and if you have any of them, go out and use them.'” Hunter advises.