Here’s Q+A client Kit Simon of Netseer did with  Kit is president of Netseer, a leading innovative concept-targeting programmatic platform.  In this Q+A, Kit offers up insights for female digital media sales professionals seeking to advance their careers. Here’s a sample:

PA.O: From your perspective as someone who has lived and worked as C-Suite executive in Silicon Valley, why do you think the region is still lacking in gender diversity?

Kit Simon: The heart of the Silicon Valley tech sector is engineering, and fewer women are pursuing careers in that area. Women will catch up, though. Those who desire careers in Silicon Valley must be willing to be strong and follow their own compass. They have to focus on just doing what is best for their businesses and careers.  There are no easy roles – you will have to sacrifice a lot to do it.

Betty Friedhan, the president of the National Organization for Women, wrote in “The Feminine Mystique” that for women to be considered equal they must be willing to make the same challenging decisions and necessary sacrifices for their businesses and careers as men.

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