We were delighted to see this profile on Mark Trefgarne, Facebook’s director of product management and former CEO of LiveRail, written by Reed Albergotti.  

We had originally pitched Reed the profile story last summer following LiveRail’s acquisition by Facebook, and finally seeing it through completion at his new outfit, The Information. Here’s a sample from Reed's story on Mark:

If U.S. immigration officials had been a little tougher back in 2008, Facebook’s new mobile advertising unit LiveRail might never have seen the light of day.

The firm, acquired last July for around $500 million, is intended to be a pillar of the social network’s new Advertising Technology unit, with a focus on mobile. It’s a key part of Facebook’s strategy to use its mass of user data to sell ads outside of the social network, on sites of publishers. Facebook announced LiveRail’s new role within the company at the F8 developers conference last week.

And serving as director of product for the ad tech unit is Mark Trefgarne, LiveRail’s British co-founder. Sometimes referred to as “Tref,” his new role within Facebook is looking for the next big thing in ads.

At last week’s F8, Facebook announced that it was expanding LiveRail's capabilities to now include display and mobile advertising.