One of the important parts of our job is to secure media coverage for our clients.  But, when we're able to secure coverage for two different clients in the same story, especially with a high authority media outlet like Adweek, we're doubly proud of our work.

Here's an Adweek story on Amazon Dash that features WISE Public Relations clients Ready Set Rocket and Interbrand.

Josh Feldmeth, CEO, Interbrand North America, added, "The fact that anyone thought this was an April Fools' stunt only suggests that the product might look too good to be true."

The launch plan appears to be intentional and was a savvy move, suggested Gareth Price, technical director at Ready Set Rocket. "[Internet-of-Things] devices have not yet penetrated the mainstream, so the April Fool's confusion will help bring awareness of the product to mainstream consumers," he said, "especially as the jokes are practically pre-written for late-night talk shows and Internet pundits."