The advertising world continues to evolve with new interactive features to spur engagement between brands and consumers.  In this Wired story, client Zentrick -  via their work with Activision’s Call of Duty - is mentioned as one of the companies leading the way to create these new forms of advertisement.  Here’s an excerpt:

XAPP isn’t the only company working to better tailor online ads to the environment in which they’re being consumed and to make them more interactive wherever that might be. Google, the internet’s largest ad company, just announced new ads for its mobile search engine that ask you to swipe high-res images, something you’re more likely to do on a phone. Advertising outfit InMobi offers in-app calls-to-action (call now to test drive!). And a young startup called Zentrick has helped Activision’s Call of Duty create an ad that acts like a game (shoot the targets!).

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