Here’s a new byline from client John Mracek, CEO, NetSeer that makes the case for prospecting. John also offers up three tips to shift from retargeting to prospecting.  Here’s an excerpt:

But how do you put prospecting into practice? Change your own mindset!

Prospecting represents a fundamental shift in the customer acquisition process. With retargeting, you’ve focused on reaching “hand raisers,” but non-converters. With prospecting, you start with the converted, and then find others that appear most aligned, similar.

Here are three keys to successfully shift from retargeting to prospecting:

1. Make context at least as important as cookies. Rather than following people around the web, you want to reach prospects with the right mindset in the right environment.

2. Change your attribution model. Replace last-touch attribution with an upper-funnel attribution model that includes first-touch and every subsequent touch. Upper funnel impressions lead to conversions. The right attribution will show which tactic or partner brought the new buyers into the funnel.

3. Make viewability a reality, not just a buzzword. The tools exist to do this and it’s a matter of advertisers requiring it as part of the buy. What good is it to provide a media supplier with credit when all they did was deliver an ad into a user’s browser that is unviewable—yet that is how a significant fraction of conversion credit is given.

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