Do you have an unused gift card?  Then you may want to heed Shelley Hunter’s tips. Shelley, the “Gift Card Girlfriend” and client spokesperson, spoke with Mike Holfeld of Orlando’s WKMG on what consumers can do to protect themselves from unused gift cards. Here’s an excerpt from Shelley’s interview:

Hunter who is known as the “gift card girlfriend," has assembled a list of gift card deals along with her Chapter 11 gift card watch list on The site doesn’t take you directly to the watch list until you type in the key words: "watch list" or "gift card grave yard." The list of gift cards that went bust include many linked to stores that catered to what Hunter calls the “fickle younger generation.” Deb Stores, dELiA’s, Cache and Simply Fashion stores along with Borders and Radio Shack are the latest casualties of buyouts and Chapter 11 plans. “The issue again is a company bought the merchandise and then the rights to the name and the company that bought the merchandise says 'sorry we are not honoring these gift cards,'" Hunter said.

To view Shelley’s interview with WKMG-TV, click here.