If you’re a fan of food and technology, and you’ll be in SF on Thursday June 25th, then you should check out FoodBytes! 2.0.

We’ve recently signed up with Rabobank, the world's premier bank to the food, agribusiness and beverage industry, and SF New Tech, SF’s largest and longest-running tech showcase event, to help provide PR support for FoodBytes! 2.0, the second in a series of unique half-day conferences designed to bring together new ideas in food, innovation, technology, and venture capital.  

FoodBytes! 2.0 is scheduled for Thursday June 25, 2015 at the Bluxome Street Winery in San Francisco starting at 2:00pm PT. The half-day event is dedicated to helping investors in the food industry meet new companies that are disrupting and/or innovating in food-related software and applications, distribution, manufacturing, production and more. FoodBytes! 2.0 is expected to draw 200 attendees. For more information, the full agenda or to purchase a ticket to attend FoodBytes! 2.0, visit here

Demo companies at the upcoming FoodBytes! 2.0 Summit will include:

  • Back to the Roots (Co-Founder, Nikhil Arora) – on a mission to make food personal again through its award-winning line of "ready-to-grow" and "ready-to-eat" products that include the Mushroom Farm, Water Garden, Garden-in-a-Can, Stoneground Flakes Cereal, and Breakfast Toppers.
  • Ipiit (Co-Founder, Betty Toth) – matches people with food based on their preferences.
  • Noble Brewer (CEO, Claude Burns) – the only craft beer subscription service that works with home brewers to bring their masterpieces to life and ship them directly to craft beer lovers' doors.
  • Thistle (CEO, Ashwin Cheriyan) – makes eating nutritious, organic and local foods incredibly convenient and accessible.
  • Tiny Farms (CEO, Daniel Imrie-Situnayake) – builds a platform for the production and distribution of insects as commodity agricultural products.
  • Myco Technology (CEO, Alan Hahn) – created a food-processing platform that uses gourmet fungi to transform agricultural products taste, value and nutritional characteristics.
  • Corigin (CEO & Co-Founder, Mike Woelk) – converts forest & farm waste into bio-sustainable products for farmers including broad spectrum organic pesticides, organic amendments to neutralize alkaline water, and soil amendments that help growers cut water & fertilizer use, increase crop yield and sequester carbon for centuries.
  • Acadia Harvest (CEO & Chairman, Edward Robinson) – a sustainable land-based producer of premium marine seafoods, fresh from the coast of Maine.
  • No Food Wasted (Founder, August de Vocht) – connects grocery inventory systems to consumer facing mobile apps to provide real-time deals for best before date products on consumers' interest and location.
  • NoukaTech (CEO & Co-Founder, Regina Gindin) – uses a unique platform of robots sensors machine learning to provide data analytics to increase growers revenues and net profits.

To read the full FoodBytes! 2.0 press release, click this link.