Kudos to client Are You A Human for their recent Series A. As reported by AdExchanger, Are You A Human will use the $4.2M in Series A cash to double its headcount from 25 to 50 by the end of the year.  Here’s an excerpt from the AdExchanger article:

It’s a common way to tackle the bot problem. Rather than finding and blocking bots – according to a recent report from Distil Networks, just 41% of all web traffic is human, with so-called “bad bots” driving 22% of all Internet traffic – the whitelist aims to identify and authenticate real people.

Are You a Human CEO Ben Trenda likened the whitelist to a sort of digital TSA PreCheck program through which “users who are pre-verified get to have the most seamless experience, whereas others get more rigorously screened.”

“We thought it was curious that every existing solution is fundamentally based on a belief that you can find and block bots,” Trenda said. “By way of an analogy, no country in the world would build a border security program that starts with a block list alone, because it’s much easier to give a passport to the people you want to let in than it is to identify a larger number of people that you don’t. A block list has its place, but it’s not the foundation.”

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