Google recently announced plans to add a new feature that will shorten the path for consumers to purchase a product that was advertised on YouTube. Commenting on the new feature is client Pieter Mees, CEO of Zentrick.  Here’s an excerpt from story:

"This [initiative] will definitely move the needle [for YouTube]," says Pieter Mees, CEO of Zentrick, which produces interactive elements for online video ads.

According to Mees, the success of these experiments depends on multiple factors, such as level of customization of ads and the visual execution. For example, the Call-to-Action or CTA (the screen element that exhorts the viewer to action, such as a click) for interactive cards in YouTube is located on the upper-righthand side of the screen. But Mees says that his company's experiments with CTAs find they get better results when the interactive element is in front of the viewer's eyeballs.

But adding interactive elements improves returns by "orders of magnitude," he said. While Google reported that the new ads have so far delivered three times more revenue than standard TrueView ads, Mees says his firm's similar experiments have resulted in ads that delivered five to 10 times better results. He added that the highest performance came from videos embedded on the brand's own online properties (as opposed to third-party platforms, such as YouTube).

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