Congrats to client Convo, the leading enterprise-ready mobile messaging and collaboration platform, on their biggest product update to date. This next gen Convo offers a faster, more intuitive experience, and greater control. Users can now quickly glance through highlights, laser in on critical conversations and make faster, smarter decisions.

Here’s Convo CEO Faizan Buzdar on the new product update via eWeek:

"We have seen significant growth in the last one and a half years, having multiplied our customer base by 3x and company size by 5x," CEO Faizan Buzdar said. "Organizations like Kaiser, NBC, CBSi, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb now have hundreds or thousands of seats." Enterprises require something superior to email, Buzdar said, and more secure and dependable than lighter-weight consumer-oriented solutions. "CEOs have told us that once they deploy Convo, they cannot imagine a single work day without it. That's because Convo enables critical decisions that make all the difference when closing a deal, breaking a story first, or even saving a life in the case of our healthcare customers."

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