If you're a marketer who is still giving last click or last view 100% credit for your conversions, according to client and revenue optimization analytics expert NetSeer VP of Media Operations Brian McAllister, it's way past the appropriate time to change your attribution formula and explains why. Here's an excerpt:

Every brand – indeed every campaign – needs to have a different formula for this. Some formulas will favor the upper funnel, some the lower funnel, for instance.

And advertisers can‘t just base their payments on where ads were served, but on the contextual relevance of those pages.  If the last ad was viewed or clicked via an email, for example, maybe give it less credit.

The rise of mobile and cross-device use further complicates the building of these new formulas.

And anything so complicated scares off marketers.  Regardless of how inefficient last-click and last-view attribution are, it’s easier to just keep using the old system.

Somebody has to stick his or her neck out.

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