Meet 12-year old Kiera Cawley. She may be one of the youngest and most accomplished female coders in the country. Kiera developed several apps, two of which are in the app store. She also won the (client) Women Who Code scholarship to Apple's WWDC earlier this year and had her photo taken with Apple CEO Tim Cook.  Here’s an excerpt from Kiera’s story on NY1:

Twelve-year-old Kiera Cawley has set her sights on taking over the tech world.

The pre-teen, who lives in the Rockaways, started computer programming coding at just 9 years old when she discovered all the interesting things she could do.

"So I saw you would be able to make like an animation with coding and you could make like animations with coding and you can make a whole website and personalize it," said Cawley.

To watch Kiera’s NY1 story, click here.