You thought you had that whole headline-making thing in the bag, right? You're going viral!

After all, you're not just the CEO, you're also the founder AND you have an amazing new widget upgrade to announce. Mashable, Re/code and TechCrunch will have your company name in lights, and Buzzfeed might even want to do a listicle. Just for fun. 

Except, reporters aren't interested. At all. You never considered this response, or lack of. Now what? Find out what works from Wise PR Director of Media Relations Tracey Boudine in this Success magazine article on becoming 'clickable.' Here's an excerpt:

As the director of media relations for a PR firm, I’ve been there with many clients. And I lived to tell you there are definitely ways to effectively position yourself as newsworthy—enough to weigh in on the headlines that matter to you.You just need to exercise your zeitgeist “nowism” muscle.

I think of it as a cousin to newsjacking, the process of injecting your brand into the day's news, without the reliance on breaking headlines. It’s more of a trendy now-spotting strategy that takes your expertise and molds it into stories journalists want to write or are already writing. I have found that hyper-customizing stories is what works. Example? I mean, gluten-free is a trend! So now everyone is on that bandwagon—what’s going to differentiate your gluten-free press worthiness?

Now-spotting is like trendspotting but takes place at the speed of Twitter and often happens inside a bigger trend. Achieving that highly desired “media darling” status, the one that gets key-press opportunities to come a client’s way, requires a two-part strategy:

1. Know who you are and what you can bring to the conversation.

2. Have a feel for the cultural climate and what ideas are about to have their 15 minutes—and get about 30 seconds ahead of that.

To read Tracey’s byline, click here.