You probably thought it was too early to start your Back-to-School marketing. According to Retail Customer Experience magazine, it turns out now is a perfect time for relationship-building interaction that captures customer attention. With the explosion of video as an emotionally engaging experience this year, it all makes sense to client and intelligent shoppable video tech expert Zentrick CEO Pieter Mees who talks about the future of video ROI happening now:

The BTS strategy should also be one of matching creative messaging and campaign goals to the buying stage, advises Pieter Mees, co-founder and CEO of Zentrick, which makes solutions for measuring and tracking of return-on-investment of consumer interaction. Zentrick’s client list includes HBO Nordic, Activision, Redbull, eBay, WSJ, Unilever, Nissan and L'Oreal, etc.

"As we get closer to back-to-school, urgency increases to make those final purchases and we'd recommend more bottom-of-the-funnel transactional engagement, focusing on purchases, discount/coupon offerings, and ‘shop all’ functionality in campaigns," Mees told RCE.

A related marketing and customer experience change to the BTS retail strategy is enhanced bandwidth now available, which is allowing retailers to take greater advantage of video technology. Video is becoming increasingly pervasive and exploding given a 150 percent growth in video use month-over-month.

"It makes sense: Video transfers stories and emotions in a very efficient way, it captures user attention, combines several forms of creative (audio & images)," said Mees. "The downside in the past was that once you've told your amazing story the ad ended and the viewer moved on to the next thing. Luckily, as an industry, we're figuring out how to bring measurement, conversion, transactions into the video," he said.

"Mobile is still the most undervalued platform, it has huge potential for people willing to 'tame the beast.' The early movers will win big, the stragglers will build on a more mature market but with much less potential to win big," he said.

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