Now that you have a brand, you have to ask yourself, is your brand "shoppable?"

New technology is creating innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Zentrick Founder and CEO Pieter Mees discusses a key point for publishers and marketers to consider when choosing technology that will make your content or brand more “shoppable.” Here’s an excerpt from the eCommerce Insiders story:

And it isn’t just the apps that are facilitating the concept. Software like the startup Zentrick’s interactive video tech platform works to connect ecommerce and consumers in such a way that the user experience continues to be added to.

Zentrick’s CEO and co-founder, Pieter Mees, brings up a very valuable point. When it comes to pioneering technology for retailers, the phenomenon of being shoppable should be celebrated, but also used wisely. There really is a fine line between what he calls “pushing valuable conversions vs. not becoming annoying”. Wouldn’t you agree?

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