How did the technology industry become so male dominated when some of the first computer programmers were actually women? A recent article published by Digital Trends sheds light on an important story that has been left out of tech history.

Digital Times speaks with Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival to explore the question; how can we encourage more women to enter fields such as programming if some of the most groundbreaking work carried out by women in the industry is to be forgotten? Here’s an excerpt:

Looking for some insight on the prominence of the ENIAC programmers today, I spoke to the CEO of Women Who Code, Alaina Percival.”These people were pioneers of the tech industry — and they were predominantly women,” she said. “It’s not something that’s commonly known, and it’s not something that’s being emphasized to people.”

Women Who Code is an organization that’s committed to helping women move into technology-focused careers, as well as championing success stories large and small. That could be the completion of the ENIAC system, or it could be a teenager running her first ‘Hello World’ program.

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