Services like Apple Pay and Android Pay have created a convenient way to make payments directly from your smartphone. Now wearable technology, such as the smartwatch, are becoming more than cool accessories, they are sparking a new way to attract consumers to mobile payment systems. Zentrick CEO Pieter Mees tells iDigitalTimes “It’s a natural next step forward.” Here’s an excerpt:

The best way for companies to attract consumers to their mobile payment systems may not be smartphones, but rather wearables.The Apple Watch happens to support Apple Pay, and is currently the only smartwatch with that ability. Whenever mobile payment systems do become the next big thing, it is possible distribution will pan out similar to how it has with smartphones.

Pieter Mees, CEO and co-founder of the interactive, smart-video platform 
Zentrick told iDigitalTimes, “Coinage overtook bartering, paper money overtook coinage, credit cards overtook paper money, and now credit cards are ripe to be disrupted by the singular device you use already for everything in your life.”

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