Despite the recent turmoil on Wall Street, many tech companies, in particular, those based in the Bay Area, are not too concerned. At worse, some companies IPOs could be delayed by investors. But, for multi-billion dollar companies, the drop in the stock market is not a hard hit to their pockets.

International Business Times Silicon Valley Correspondent Salvador Rodriguez spoke with NetSeer CEO John Mracek to get his insight on the issue. Here’s an excerpt:

“I have a very strong feeling of a ‘yawn’ in my reaction to this, especially if you’ve lived through any of the other ups and downs, and unlike the 2000 bubble, of which I was a very active part, there are real companies doing real business,” said John Mracek, CEO of NetSeer, based in Mountain View, an online media and audience-targeting company. “People who have been through it before are kind of like ‘OK. Not a big deal.’ ”

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