The food tech scene has seen rapid growth of late. According to one recent report, over $2 billion were invested in “farm and food tech” companies. 

As a follow up to our PR work with the FoodBytes Summit, we worked with Mark Albertson of the San Francisco Examiner on a story about the food tech scene and the industry’s outlook in the months to come. Here’s an excerpt:

The movement of technology into farming is an important, emerging trend. One company – NoukaTech – has an ambitious plan to capitalize on that opportunity through a model that relies on drones and ground robotic sensors to deliver data analytics and decision making tools for agriculture.

“My interest is in bringing unique technology solutions that have a major impact on old line industry,” says Regina Gindin, NoukaTech’s co-founder. “There has been no significant innovation in data analytics and decision making tools in the specialty crop industry in the last three decades.”

Gindin believes that, unlike the consumer-driven food tech space, the venture investment community is just starting to pay attention to her sector which would place her at the beginning of an industry cycle and thus less likely to encounter a shakeout in the near future.

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