So, you hired a PR firm. But now, the real test begins. What should you expect from your agency? What can they expect from you, the client? How can you both work together to forge a partnership in which you both benefit?

These are some of the questions that must be answered openly and honestly, as the agency and client make an effort to understand one another in the early stages of a relationship.

To this end, we thought it would be useful to share three top ways in which you can ensure that, when you do engage a PR firm, they’re working as hard and as effectively as possible for you.

  • Don’t buy a dog and bark yourself. 

In other words – when you invest in a PR firm, trust the advice they provide.

Remember, specialist PR and communications firms focus exclusively on this.  They don’t sell your products and services.  They don’t run your accounts and they don’t handle your HR.  Rather, they get paid – and grow their own businesses – based on the the quality of the advice and results they delivered.

For the smartest, high growth PR firms, what that really means is that they aren’t offering advice for the sake of it.  Rather, they’re offering it because they’ve proved consistently, time and time again, that it works and can achieve the desired impact or outcome.

Challenge the thinking by all means – and question it in order to understand – but ultimately ensure that you’re giving them the confidence to deliver.

  • Open the kimono. Share everything – warts and all.

PR firms specialise in helping organizations find and develop a commercial position that’s both compelling and unique.  To do that, they don’t need the glossy picture you present to clients, prospects and peers.

In fact, that’s a hindrance – not a help.  Instead, they need a succinct, comprehensive and clear picture of where you’re really at – what’s working, what’s not – where are you struggling to gain ground and where are you already winning work and cleaning up?

Full, frank and transparent disclosure provides your PR partner with the ability to position you effectively and to help you find your niche and unique value proposition.  

  • Invest more than money.

Don’t hire a PR firm, pay the invoices and then forget all about them.  Do so and, sure, you may well generate some results – but you will be limiting the campaign.

Instead, recognise that an investment in an effective PR campaign is about more than just the money.  It’s about investing in a long-term relationship that directly benefits all marketing and new business efforts.

Learn this lesson early – and in doing so, understand that the more you invest in building that relationship, the more it will give back.

If you’d like to learn more about how we here at Wise PR define and communicate the Client/Agency Expectation Equation to ensure mutual success you can download our New Client Welcome Letter which we share with all new clients at the start of our relationship and prior to our kickoff meeting. To download enter your information here: