About 80% of the work required to maximize ROI at major conferences like CES is done before the conference even starts – this is where you (or more specifically your PR team (ahem... Wise PR?) puts in the real time and effort. And trust us, it’s A LOT of work. And it’s worth every bit of effort.

1.      Plan as far ahead of time as possible. Sounds obvious, right? Every year we have clients hoping for a last minute miracle over the holidays. The timing of the show is tricky, so having all the major campaign components in place before Thanksgiving gives your PR (and sales) teams the best chance for success. Heck, you should really have these components in place by Halloween, but we know that’s unrealistic. Or is it?

2.    Location, location, location! A great booth location with inviting signage that is as high (literally, as high as you can get it!) visibility as possible is key to pulling reporters and prospects to learn about your product.

3.     Go in with a clear “call to action.” Do you want people to participate in a demo, view your latest product, or learn about your most recent partnerships? Let the Wise PR team know what the #1 goal is and we’ll craft the perfect message for the right reporters from the behemoth press list.

4.     Be prepared for the round-up article requests. We want to secure coverage in as many round-up articles as possible. We’ve seen the media trend toward slideshows in their coverage of the show. How do we get ready for these requests? Make sure we have quick access to your product images, price, and availability. Reporters are in a rush to get their coverage up, so we try to make their lives as easy as possible.

5.     Have a representative from your PR team on-site. The traditional PR role was to keep everything as on-schedule as possible and locate reporters who planned to stop by the booth. We’ve seen more media embrace the chaotic nature of the show and wander the show floor looking for the best (or most unusual) story. Since Wise PR team’s presence at the show is dedicated to press coverage, we can be on the lookout for press visitors to the booth and get them in front of the right company representative for a quick interview or demo right away.  We can also be dedicated to getting them the follow-up materials they need to write a story.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips in and that the effort and energy you put in now to generate momentum fuels a successful 2017.

To that end, if you're interested in discussing your PR plans leading up to, during and post CES, please contact us at harrison@wisepublicrelations.com. 

And, just keep in mind the dates for CES 2017 are just around the corner: January 5-8, 2017.