ConvertMedia, a leading outstream video SSP, announced that it has been selected to provide outstream video units to American Media, Inc. (AMI), the leading publisher of popular celebrity, health and fitness brands in the United States, reaching over 50 million unique monthly visitors. The deal marked the first-to-market launch of ConvertMedia's innovative Coffee Break Unit, which serves as a desktop screensaver when a viewer is idle or stops browsing in an active tab.

The announcement was covered by Mediapost. Here's an excerpt:

The content is then interspersed with mid-roll ads, which are served by ConvertMedia or the publisher directly, Yoav Naveh, CEO at ConvertMedia, told Publishers Daily in an email. He noted the use of outstream video unites allowed the company to help clients achieve revenue goals quickly.

According to ConvertMedia, their outstream video can be placed anywhere on a page, instead of being a “gatekeeper of user’s viewing content” like pre-roll. It also doesn’t rely on content or inventory. Publishers can utilize outstream to increase their available video inventory.

American Media's Chief Digital Officer Brian Kroski stated that AMI is looking for ways to “improve and enhance the digital experience for our users and partners.”

This is just the beginning of a growing trend: eMarketer projects that U.S. programmatic digital video ad spending will jump from $2.91 billion in 2015 to $5.37 billion in 2016.

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