Hadar Turovitch, HIRO’s Head of Marketing, wrote a commentary for MediaPost on the importance of effective advertising messages. Hadar argues that in today’s times, there is just way too much noise and that consumers are bombarded, by one estimate, 3,000 commercial messages per day, growing exponentially into a cacophony of meaningless and unintelligible clatter.

And then when you factor in how consumers today are engulfed by countless screens and digital platforms, an advertiser’s message can become lost.

To that end, Hadar proposes a radically new thinking, one where the advertiser’s message is one single thread that connects and engages the consumer from the morning to evening.  Here’s an excerpt:

One such story could start first thing in the morning with an ad in the paper, followed by the Data-based targeting has long since been the mainstay of the advertising industry. As someone once said, there's no reason to show vegans a Double Whopper advert.

Technology is always on the move, and it's time to stop basking in the wonders of being able to pinpoint the potential customer in the right time and the right place and start honing the message. The R&D department has done its share of shifting from analyzing keywords and areas of interest to remarketing; now it's up to the creative department to get a move on.

I don't mean repeating the same beaten message. Rather, it is time for a holistic approach that would include mutually complementary messages – and the result would be a sturdier, more profound and more effective campaign.

To read Hadar’s guest article for MediaPost, click here.