Elad Gershoni, Vice President of Business Development at Brightcom, recently wrote a guest article for CommPRO on how programmatic ad buying is playing an expanding role in shaping elections. The premise that Elad puts forth is that the upcoming 2016 elections in both the U.S. and UK are fast approaching, and advertisers know that delivering the right message to the right user at the right time can make a real difference in how people vote. Even more than in previous elections, today’s digitally interconnected world means programmatic ad buying plays a vital role in determining the overall outcome by strengthening the impact of your message.  After all, every single vote counts.

Here’s an excerpt from Elad’s guest article:

“Attention” is evolving to be one of the most important KPIs in the upcoming U.S. and UK elections when it comes to digital strategies, measuring how successful you are in delivering a cross-platform campaign.

Recent studies show that over 50% of TV viewers are distracted when watching television by simultaneously browsing their PCs, mobile and tablet devices. Therefore, providing a cross-platform 360-degree experience for users will increase the likelihood of your messages getting to the voters.

Utilizing high-impact ad formats, from Video pre-roll to static display special executions, offers a unique and increasingly effective viewing experience. Additional options that also offer distinctive user experiences range from large video units that include a customizable video player with tailor-made content to Out-Stream ad format, which generates additional video inventories and enables content monetization with video ads.

To read Elad’s guest article for CommPRO, click here.