Our Managing Director of West Coast John McCartney recently gave a PR 101 presentation at Wearable IoT World as part of being a new mentor at the incubator. Esme Brachmann of Wearable IoT World recently wrote a recap of John’s presentation. Here’s an excerpt:

PR expert John McCartney passed out a sample of an Apple press release. “Apple emphasizes three core points about the Apple Watch in this article. What are they?” he asked. A silence entered the room as each person analyzed and re-analyzed the text, searching for Apple’s hidden strategies. McCartney soon called time, bringing everyone’s attention to the front of the room. We were all on the edges of our seats, ready to hear the answer. “Who wants to share first?” McCartney asked.

A few days ago at WIoTW, John McCartney, Managing Director at Wise Public Relations, stopped by to give his thoughts about PR marketing. He gave a hands-on, informative presentation focused on the founders’ learning, asking them to analyze ideas and find solutions to problems. He touched on everything from messaging to pitches to press releases, and most importantly: how to interact with reporters.

To read the full recap, click here.