Yoav Naveh, Co-Founder and CEO, ConvertMedia, wrote a guest post for VideoNuze “Choreographing the Delicate Dance between Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer.” In this post, Yoav argues that the world of advertising is very complex, given that every ad that runs on a site serves different goals - the advertiser’s goal is to generate sales; the publisher’s goal is to generate revenue. But most often overlooked is the goal of the user.

And when it comes to the publisher, Yoav believes that in the complex world of advertising that the bulk of the responsibility lies with the publisher. Here’s an excerpt:

The bulk of the responsibility for addressing this dilemma falls on the publisher, who needs to find ways to optimize not only revenue, but also the user experience. How can this be accomplished?  Rather than piling on more and more ads, publishers should consider delivering a single high-impact format – one that potentially increases the length of time the user spends with the ad and results in a more positive interaction overall.

Traditional high-impact formats include pre-roll, in which the user is forced to watch a 15 or 30-second ad before he or she can view the content they’re really after, and interstitials, which temporarily take over the page your user is trying to get to. With these formats, you’re likely to get his or her attention – but will it be the kind of attention you want?

Compounding the problem is that unless a publisher is selling all of its inventory directly, it has little control over what ad will be shown at a given time, which means it could potentially be an ad with offensive language or unpleasant visuals. But the publisher does have the ability to control how the ads behave, such as where it appears, for how long, whether or not the user can easily dismiss it.

To read Yoav’s guest article for VideoNuze, click here.