Alaina Percival, CEO, Women Who Code, wrote a commentary for TechCrunch on tech companies making retention of female employees a priority.

According to a study by the Center for Work-Life Policy, 56 percent of women in computing jobs will leave their positions at the “mid-level” point, right when it is most costly to the companies that employ them. This is due to a number of factors that can be alleviated by corporations adopting mindful practices that will create better and balanced work environments.

In her guest byline for TechCrunch, Alaina offers up a number of solutions that will make retention of female employees a priority. Here’s an excerpt:

The best way for companies to hold on to female tech talent is to create a work environment that is fair, even and open for advancement and reward. Professional women currently earn .73 cents to the dollar versus men. That adds up to a difference of $333 a week, and $17,316 a year. It’s hard for a person to remain passionate about a position when they aren’t being fairly compensated for their work.

An effective way to handle this is for companies to implement regular salary audits in order to determine if there is a discrepancy in pay between male and female employees. This will expose any unintentional gender bias that exists in compensation, allowing these organizations to take steps to resolve the issue.

To read Alaina’s guest byline for TechCrunch, click here.