Ybrant Digital, a Tel Aviv-based global media company, recently announced its rebranding to Brightcom and its expansion into the U.S. and APAC markets.

The rebrand comes with a new site, logo, and tagline, and is the positive outcome of the  company's broadening footprint, expansion and programmatic portfolio. The goal of the rebrand is to bring together the company’s different resources to push forward its tech front. The announcement was recently covered by MediaPost with Brightcom’s CEO, Gali Arnon. Here’s an excerpt:

"I think this is one thing that is part of our DNA," she said. "[We're] a global company working in the programmatic world, but we still have very strong human connections."

On the programmatic front, Brightcom will expand its advertising product portfolio, introducing a header bidding and in-view solution, with ads that begin to play when the unit is more than 50% in-view.

"Developing an in-house header-bidding solution was almost an instinctive choice on our part," said Arnon. "It levels the playing field to the benefit of the publisher. It raises their fill rate, it's easier to manage and ultimately, it upgrades their ability to monetize."

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