AI Media Group’s Director of Digital Marketing, Krista DiBiccari, wrote a guest byline for Mediapost on how online video is shaping this year’s U.S. Presidential Election.

In her guest byline, Krista offers up that this year’s highly combative presidential primary campaigns have been highlighted by the largely unexpected success of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two candidates who have deftly applied digital marketing techniques – including highly influential online videos -- to their distinct advantages. Here’s an excerpt:

From the first candidate announcements in April 2015 through the Iowa caucuses this past February, Google reported that 110 million hours of videos related to all the candidates and their issues had been viewed on YouTube.

Google noted that 110 million hours is “estimated to be the equivalent of watching over 100 times every piece of content ever aired on CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC and Fox News.”

No wonder all the presidential candidates have been buying up available ad time on YouTube. Not only can they reach mass numbers of viewers, but by targeting based on demographics such as age, gender and income, the candidates also hit voters precisely at those “micro-moments” when they’re focused on a particular issue or controversy.

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