A recent Fast Company story, Debunking The Myth Of The Woman Card In Silicon Valley explored how women's qualifications on both the campaign trail and in the Valley are more closely scrutinized than their male counterparts.

The term “woman card” was recently brought to the forefront when Donald Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton was playing the "woman card," implying that she only got to where she is in the U.S. Presidential election race because of her gender. 

Within the technology industry, according to statistics and studies, staff at major companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are roughly 30% female. A year after pledges to increase diversity, Facebook was only able to raise the number of women in its ranks by a mere 1%. Meanwhile, a discrimination suit lobbed at Twitter from former employee Tina Huang revealed that gender disparity was far worse than the company's already dismaying statistics let on. 

Commenting on the topic was Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival. Here’s what she said: "Companies won't hire someone who isn't the best person for the job because of their gender or any other diversity goal. A company may make an effort to interview women and be excited about the value diversity adds to a team, but they won't hire someone unqualified to meet a diversity goal.” 

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