Ai Media Group CEO Andy Fenster penned a guest byline for CMS Wire on how to win more business by focusing on the fundamentals of relationship building. 

Andy argues that he way businesses buy from and sell to each other has changed. First, customers have become more demanding, insisting on more complex, customized solutions—with different levels of sales support. Second, companies servicing larger managed accounts are exploring more cost-effective ways to make clients happier and to generate sales growth. Finally, organizations large and small are following the lead of business-to-consumer (B2C) brands and retailers by making smarter use of customer data to predict behavior, drive sales, and deepen relationships.

Here’s an excerpt from Andy’s guest byline:

The challenge is that B2B sales negotiation is not easy; it’s a delicate dance that requires careful steps by both parties, but especially the sales reps.

Your key to negotiation is to focus on results and value and not contracts — aka “more skin in the game.” I can assure you that you will have tremendous success from this approach.

Rather than focus on clicks and impressions, work toward achieving agreed upon ROI metrics with your customers. These vary greatly but can be sales, form submissions, phone calls or any number of other key performance indicators (KPIs).

To read Andy’s guest byline in its entirety, click here.