Brightcom Head of Publisher Sales Deborah Cohen wrote a guest byline for VideoNuze on connected TVs and covers both challenges and opportunities.

Deborah argues that as more viewers become more familiar with (some even say addicted to) OTT programming, the digital CTV ad market will become larger. The trend, already taking shape, is that TV shows will get their own apps.  Everything that is currently broadcast on traditional TV will have an option for connectivity.  Here’s an excerpt:

Sources say that 43 percent of all marketers acknowledge being very familiar with CTV. This number will surely grow, considering that one in three CTV owners stream video to their CTV daily – and say they are streaming more than they did a year ago.

Currently, CTV viewers watch about 2 hours a day of digital content, states recent research by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In other words, this is TV time not penetrable by regular TV advertising. These consumers are reachable at these hours solely through digital video advertising or advanced TV ads.

To read Deborah’s guest byline in its entirety, click here.