ConvertMedia CEO Yoav Naveh wrote a guest byline for Mobile Marketer on the misappropriation of native advertising.

Data from Business Insider projects that the native advertising industry will generate $20 billion by 2018. Yoav argues that if that projection is to become true, it is time for publishers and advertisers to get on the same page – or, at the very least, start working together to decide what and when to call a box on the page. Here’s an excerpt from Yoav’s byline:

Native advertising works best when the content and form of the ad fit within the publisher platform. This means that if the content is a text page, the ad should be in text format. 

If the content format is a game, the ad should be blended into that experience. If the environment is a video, the native ad needs to be embedded in the video content.  

Alternatively, some formats are not really native because they do not embed into the content of the page, but they do have some similar characteristics in terms of emulating the user experience of the site. 

To read Yoav’s guest byline in its entirety, click here.