Ai Media Group Director of Advertising Technologies Joel Citron wrote a guest byline for Website Magazine entitled Not So Fast With That Website Redesign

In his byline for Website Magazine, Joel makes the point that every year Web page design trends sweep across homepages, landing pages and plenty of pages in between. Businesses in every industry race to re-design their layouts in order to keep up with the most modern and, somewhat allegedly, higher-converting design of the moment. And, we are no exception.

Ai Media ran a B2B lead generation campaign for one of their telecom clients. On this page a customer fills out a form and a sales rep calls them back. Ai Media has been running this campaign for numerous years with great results. Here’s an excerpt:

While we were constantly optimizing the landing page/microsite user experience, one thing we never touched was the form itself. It’s a long 12-field form with most of the fields required in order to complete the submission process. We, along with our client’s advertising team, felt the form was too long and that a higher conversion rate could be achieved if we shortened it. Due to continued opposition from the sales team the form always remained at 12 fields. 

To read Joel’s guest byline in its entirety, click here.