NetSeer VP of Media Operations Brian McAllister wrote a guest byline for MediaPost on the importance of ad location and viewability.

In his byline, Brian makes the point that today’s online world of long scrolling pages, multiple image slide shows and Pinterest-like card layouts poses challenges to ad buyers seeking high-impact targeted ads actually seen by end users. Here’s an excerpt:

While industry viewability metrics tell buyers which ads can be viewed, advertisers want more than that -- a guarantee that their ads will not be missed.

This can’t be achieved through the old method of putting banners atop the page, on the sides and maybe the bottom. When users focus on content, their eyes ignore peripheral ads. Just look at YouTube, where the ad units are within the video player – because users are hyper-focused on the videos they’ve come to see.

How can advertisers get users to hyper-focus on their marketing messages?  By intrinsically connecting those ads to non-ad content users actually look at.  

To read Brian’s guest byline in its entirety, click here.