VideoAmp Chief Business Officer Jay Prasad wrote a guest byline for Broadcasting & Cable on how advanced advertising will reinvigorate the television industry.

In his guest byline, Jay makes the point that Linear TV – aka scheduled programming via cable or broadcast outlets – is at a crossroads. As traditional ratings continue to be challenged, advertising is naturally flowing elsewhere.  For example, while TV was a $75 billion market this year, digital is expected to equal that figure next year, according to a recent eMarketer report. Here’s an excerpt from Jay’s guest byline:

For content owners with global rights, advanced TV advertising, and its built-in monetization will eventually help to drive international sales as well. All it will take is automated management of data on a market-by-market basis, while accounting for different measurement techniques and privacy laws.

Finally, advanced TV will lead to a revolution in advertising creativity and media buying that will rival the current golden age of creativity in TV programming. By sequencing targeted ad delivery in particular order via different creative over different platforms, marketers can reach the entire marketing “funnel” – from first impression to sales conversion – in a single ATV buy. For example, a user may first see a short video for an SUV model on their mobile device, then catch a longer spot on their desktop, followed by a TV ad, with the option to click to arrange a test drive at their local dealer.

To read Jay’s guest byline in its entirety, click here.