Brightcom (formerly known as Ybrant Digital), a global ad tech and multi-channel media company, announced recently that Medula, a media company focused on U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets, will lead and manage all of its programmatic digital advertising across its Owned & Operated properties.  The partnership will help Brightcom in its effort to open itself up to global advertising partners for cross-country audiences and cross-screen ad sales strategies and provide Brightcom with access to Medula's Spanish-language properties.  Here’s an excerpt from Portada which covered the announcement:

Recent Census bureau data in the U.S. shows that the US-Hispanic population will make up 21% of the country’s population by 2030, and advertisers are racing to acquire the best set of tools to reach these powerful consumers.

As a part of that effort, Medula is now teaming up with Brightcom to take advantage of its multi-channel programmatic products, in order to optimize monetization of its digital inventory for online Hispanics on all devices and levels, including display, video, mobile and social media advertising. Medula’s properties include more than 300 top tier sites including Clarín, La República and La Tercera among others as well substantial U.S. Hispanic traffic.

To read the Portada write-up on the Brightcom-Medula announcement, click here.