Upon receiving three 2016 Hubspot certifications for Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, and Email Marketing, our Vice President Tracey Boudine wrote a guest byline for the Bulldog Reporter.

In her byline, Tracey talks about how things began for her in PR, and then makes the contrast with how things are today. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the biggest trends impacting PR today is the decreasing number of reporters, journalists and editors as a result of merging and disappearing traditional media outlets. This transformation of the media industry has substantially altered the landscape of earned media, or third party press coverage. A recent article on Muck Rack noted that as of 2015 there are nearly 5 (4.8) PR professionals for every reporter vs 15 years ago when it was a bit more of an even matchup at 2 to 1.

From a PR perspective, this definitely makes having real media relations talent that knows how to identify and develop story angles as well as secure earned media a much more critical consideration.

On the other hand, there are now an unlimited number of opportunities to publish our own and client stories via blogs, podcasts, Snapchats and real-time video streaming platforms like Facebook Live. Because of these opportunities, we can deliver marketing messages and relationship-build directly with our ideal customers, clients, fans, and influencers, from website visitors and industry bloggers, to the Twitterati and LinkedIn Pulse columnists that many folks look to for social proof.

To read Tracey’s byline in its entirety, click here.